Disclaimer & Philosophy

The aim of Wine Wisdom is to achieve three things.

Number one: I am a wine writer, and not a PR person.  Therefore it is my job to tell the truth.  My personal approach and feeling is that unfortunately countless wine writers have caused tremendous economic damage to the international wine industry through their insensitivity to the economic realities of life.  Wine farmers have families to support and feed. Therefore if I have any critical issues regarding the quality of a producer’s wines, I prefer to discuss it in private with the producer concerned.  Often I am wrong and they are right, and my mistaken opinion can cause tremendous damage.  However, I do have the right to criticise, and when I do it I hope I do it in the correct way and cause as little damage as possible.

Point number two: According to an article in Decanter Magazine, (in my opinion still the top win magazine in the world today) 90 percent of the world’s wines are produced from nine grape varieties.  This is in a sense a tragedy, as it means that another 10 000 grape varieties world-wide are being under-utilised due to the tremendous success of France as a viticultural role-model.

The flip-side of the coin is that each wine-producing country has to discover it’s own viticultural identity, whatever it may be.

The third and final point of view is as a life-style issue.  There is a movement, started in Italy, called the Slow Food Movement, encouraging traditional wine and food drinking lifestyle.  Unfortunately alcohol is seen today as a dangerous drug rather than medicine. My major focus is in the various wine maturation patterns, and trying to get the wine consumer to wait 20 years for their Chateau Latour and enjoy their Bourgelais right now.