About Wine Wisdom

Wine Wisdom is an intellectual wine website that aims also to be practical. Its focus is both local and international but with a greater emphasis on South African wines. My aim is to build and promote the South African wine industry as much as possible as I am a great believer in the quality and future of its wines. At the same time, there will be plenty of material on international wines. This stems from my genuine interest in wines from all corners of the world but also to establish a greater interest link between the wines of South Africa and the international wine world.

The engine room of Wine Wisdom is the home page where my own material can be read. I hope, over the time, to also source guest wine writers of the finest quality. Wine Wisdom although its primary focus is wine will cover also travel, restaurant and accommodation material. This is firstly because the world of wine, travel, food and accommodation are interlinked. But it is also of practical benefit to me as a wine writer.

I am interested in all wines but my special focus is as follows. Budget every day easy drinking wines. Medium range quality wines and particularly the elite, rare and high end aspect of the wine world. I am specifically interested in mature wines and observing how producer’s wines develop over time. I am also interested in unusual and native grape varieties and wines no longer so fashionable, such as port, Sherries and Madeira.