Connoisseur Club

The Connoisseur Club is an elite tourist opportunity of which I am the executive director and sole owner.  I offer wine tastings and if desired, top restaurant experience, to those who have a serious interest in wine.  Anybody who has an interest in wine, is welcome to attend private tours with me, however, because I am primarily a wine writer,  I cannot guarantee a daily operation, as my wine-writing operation takes precedence.  The best way to contact me is either in person or through the relevant hotels.  As a wine writer I cannot drink and drive, so various travel arrangements will have to be made either by you or your hotel.

Due to my proffesion as a wine writer, I receive a tremondous amount of press releases and wine correspondence, therefore I prefer that you contact me telephonically – preferebly through my landline or cellphone (021 761 1926 / 082 498 3437). However, I am very happy to respond to email bookings or queries as it is very cost effective –Email.